[homemade] toffee

2021.09.20 04:34 theclosetlizard [homemade] toffee

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2021.09.20 04:34 Romadrox894 More cyberse Jaegers for the comic.

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2021.09.20 04:34 TheBonusWings Great, now I have to start getting my tits jacked for 930 pm on SUNDAYS as if my phone battery can take any more.

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2021.09.20 04:34 reddit_feed_bot JesseKellyDC: RT @skycult: Like it or not, no one sees more clearly how our system works than Jesse. https://t.co/wfyM3iXYhD

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2021.09.20 04:34 No-Lifeguard7773 Black Ops Cold War and the peek-a- boo.

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2021.09.20 04:34 Barrios9928 Anyone know of any plug & play LED pod lights that hook up to stock harness? 2011 fogs.

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2021.09.20 04:34 pikathapoo Fine, I’ll let you go to _____.

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2021.09.20 04:34 scriptdog1 Without using the word duck, how would you tell someone to lower their head?

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2021.09.20 04:34 No_Quantity_8731 dolore.

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2021.09.20 04:34 Secret_Society_Guy That right there was a violation

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2021.09.20 04:34 Pink_Sky_ Pretty nice representation of the beautiful day I spent with my wife.

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2021.09.20 04:34 Objective-Use6531 Hope some apes remembered my advice

Don't buy the dip!! Be patient and keep your powder dry.
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2021.09.20 04:34 Jotoku Anyone knows of a Fanatec seller in Taiwan?

The only options I am seeing here are the Thrustmasters or the Logitech g23/29. I use to own the TM 300RS but the quality was terrible, it broke relatively quickly and the torque of the wheel was just ok.
I am looking for a DD setup, I know there is now the Chinese brand Magic something with 10nm of torque for about 1k.
I was considering a Podium DD1 if I can find a seller here.
If not I may have to go with a TH TX Sparco unit.
Any leads will be appreciated!
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2021.09.20 04:34 001176kuu Looking for Azelf Lv49 MegaEvolve now

3029 3593 9723
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2021.09.20 04:34 Dezuuu Question regarding combo's/input: what do 'S', 'T' and 'O' stand for?

I've been really getting my teeth into NGS and NGS2 and am loving both. I was looking up some combo threads/guides and keep reading things such as 'STSS > OT' but what do these stand for? I suppose T might stand for thrust?
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2021.09.20 04:34 Benerboy Key cleaner stats in comments

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2021.09.20 04:34 CmFive Youtube really wants me to watch this video...

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2021.09.20 04:34 M2-99-ROU Which of these modded playthroughs would you go for?

Dovahkiin - Nord all the way. Just like the dude in the trailers. Armed with basic equipment, but putting emphasis on Speechcraft to improve your Shouts. Finishing the main questline and the DLCs is your top priority
Knight - Breton, Imperial, or High Elf. You prefer Heavy Armor (or Elven Armor in the case of the High Elf) and fighting on horseback, but if the situation calls for it, you can get off your high horse, and use the tried and true sword and shield combination. The Knight will join the Imperial Legion and using his pay he will build his own settlement. If that's not enough, the Dawnguard is always recruiting.
Gadgeteer - Imperial, Wood Elf, Argonian or Dark Elf. You're a stealth archer who also happens to have trick arrows, traps, bombs, and your own pet automaton. When the enemy is close and your dwemer automaton malfunctions, your alchemical bombs are guaranteed to do serious damage. For these reasons you will seek out the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood. Just make sure you don't stand out with all the stuff you're carrying.
Samurai - Dark Elf, Redguard, or High Elf. You're a simple man, dressed only in some robes and carry a sword. But what your enemies don't assume is that you are a competent Alteration and Restoration magic user. Combine swordplay and magic with your Thu'um, and you'll be a force to be reckoned with. While seeking knowledge at the College and comraderie among the Companions may seem like good choices, your mission is to finish the main questline followed by the Dragonborn DLC.
Wizard - Any Human race, Dark Elf, or High Elf. Pick a magic school or two to specialize in, then pick up a staff to cast attack spells and crack people's heads with if they're too close. Enchanting is a must-have skill also. Your character's allegiance and goal is totally up to your imagination since there are a lot of possible combinations, the College of Winterhold is undisputedly a faction you must join.
Merchant - Any race except Argonian or Orc. You're not in Skyrim to fight or kill, you're here to get rich by trading. Which is why the Speech skill tree is the main skill you will invest in. You won't fight at all, but rather hire mercenaries to fight for you. You won't be finishing any major questlines, you'll make your own by investing your money into a business as soon as possible for passive income. You'll also be responsible for your mercenaries' well-being.
Berserker - Orc, Nord, or Argonian. You're an axe dual-wielding force of nature who wears little to no light armor. Your main concern is to dish out as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time. Once it is revealed that you're the Dragonborn, the build can also focus on Shouts, and make it even more deadly. Faction-wise, join the Companions, and in the case of the Nord playthrough, the Stormcloaks are also a great choice. Whether you wish to remain a werewolf or not is up to you too.
Nightblade - Wood Elf, Redguard, Breton, Dark Elf, or Argonian. You're an assassin who uses magic to aid him in completing his task. Every spell you know helps you move undetected quickly and strike hard. When forced into a combat scenario, your arsenal can make short work of your opponents. The Dark Brotherhood is the faction you'd want to join, not the Thieves Guild. It won't really make sense from a lore perspective since they have a no killing rule, which you as the nightblade will itch to do a lot of.
Artificer - Orc or Nord. You possess a rare trait among the warriors of Tamriel, you not only wish to use your strength to destroy, but also to create. To create the finest weapons and armor the world has ever seen. You pride yourself in having a high Smithing and Enchanting skill with which you made yourself a battleaxe and a set of heavy armor that surpassed even your own expectations. To test your talent at crafting, you will join the Companions and finish the main questlines in parallel, afterwards you can do the DLC questlines to uncover new crafting recipes if you so wish.
Deadlord - Any race will do, but Breton has better synnergy. What sets you apart from other necromancers who fantasize about taking over the world on a daily baisi is that you don't settle for an army of corpses, you also add spectres to your ranks. The school of Illusion makes it possible for you to also create spectral copies of your minions, doubling your forces. While your minions do the fighting, you try to buff them as best as you can. To learn how to realize such a feat, one should seek out the knowledge only available at the College of Winterhold.
Monk - Khajiit works best, but any race will do. Your opponents are bound to underestimate you until you get close to them. You are a weapon in humanoid form. The strikes from your fists can shatter steel. Weapons and magic are a coward's tool to you. However, you will want to get the Enchanting skill so you can take advantage of the bonus unarmed damage enchantment and also to level up. To test your abilities and demonstrate the superiority of martial arts to the world, you will join the Companions, complete the main story, join the Dawnguard, and take on Miraak.
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2021.09.20 04:34 needleandscrew Station 30, acrylic and digital on canvas, needleandscrew, 2021

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2021.09.20 04:34 NotSoCoolWaffle can I do Masters part-time in London/UK? Is it even possible if you are a non-resident?

I'm a software engineer with around 4.5 years of experience. I have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering (Comp. Sci.). I'm planning to do Masters abroad (specifically in UK) and have a few questions.

In both cases, how does the visa gets processed?
Few more questions:
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2021.09.20 04:34 healwithcamron Rule Updates & New Rules, & A few Subreddit Updates.

Hello Reddit MM community,
Few changes to announce. I have added 3 more of Medical Medium socials links into the "MM Socials" Tab (At top of page on desktop, and under "menu" on mobile). These are links to TikTok, MeWe, and Telegram Official MM pages.
I have revamped the community rules for this subreddit. We have added 3 new rules, and given descriptions to our old 3 rules. You can find these rules on the right hand side bar. And also written in this post below. Please feel free to report any comments and posts that break these rules for the mods to review. It would be highly appreciated.
If you have any questions/concerns/comments about these rules you may comment below, or "Message the Mods" privately by scrolling to the bottom of the page on right side of computer screen, or from the bottom of the "about" page on mobile, clicking the envelope.
I hope you all will respect these new rules for the longevity of helping others on this subreddit using MM information. If censoring certain topics helps us bring more MM info truths to the people who need it to heal, we will absolutely do so. The truth on how to heal using MM info is most important and critical during this time in the world. And we cant do that if we are removed from reddit by the admins for allowing a certain belief system like many other subreddits who have been removed already have had. We are not an Anti Vax subreddit. We are a Medical Medium information subreddit. Using information from MM books, and online content to help each other heal from chronic illness.
Thank you so much for compassionately understanding the decisions we had to make in creating these new rules and respecting our decision to do so. For more information regarding Rule #4, join the MM Discord server using the invite link in the rule and refer to our #virus-info channel. MM Info is about healing from viruses and toxins that are creating symptoms. Remember this.
-Here is our updated Rules list. Please read thoroughly to understand what is against the rules here.

medicalmedium Rules
1.Do not give advice against Medical Medium information.
If a recommendation or advice given to another subreddit member goes against what AW and MM info has talked about, it will be removed.
This could be any number of the many harmful trends out there according to MM info to put people off course from healing, such as Alkaline Ionizer Water Machines, Coffee Enemas, Fake Plant Medicine (Psychedelics, Weed, MDMA), High Protein Trend, Gene Testing (Blaming Genes for Illness), "Adrenaline Games" (i.e. Cold Showers, Intermittent Fasting), & much more..
2.Do Not Give Medical Advice
-This subreddit is for giving the advice, and learning about the information based on the teachings of the "Medical Medium" Anthony William, and the voice he hears from above, "Spirit of Compassion".
-Please do not give conventional and alternative medicine advice.
-When Learning MM information, do not hesitate to ask your doctor about anything you learn from MM information that you would like to implement and use.
-This subreddit welcomes doctors, but please stick to info from MM.
3.No Trolling
What is a troll?
Troll A:
-A Troll is a person who posts inflammatory, insincere, digressive, off topic, misleading, rude, and provoking comment. -They stir up emotions, and cause irritability purposely. -These trolls can be paid to do this or not, and mislead others away from the information of certain communities.
Troll B:
-A Troll who doesn't know they are trolling. They are people misled and brainwashed by other information online. Spreading False Info. Not paid, just ignorant and rude.
4.No Anti-Vax Info or Vaccine Discussion.
We do not allow anti-vax info on this sub. This subreddit is for Medical Medium Information only. Any Anti-Vax Info or Discussion will be removed starting from 9/19/21. If you have symptoms you believe to be from the new medical treatments, you can discuss those symptoms with your fellow community members within the MM Discord community. Check out the channel titled #Virus-info for our rules on discussion on this topic there, & for more info to help.
Invite Link: https://discord.gg/3uQK6GAdmy
5.Be Mindful of Answering Posts
-When reading another community members post and choosing to answer, please be mindful about your comment.
-If you do not know the answer according to MM Information, please do not comment something "fear driven" if you dont know. If you dont understand the symptom from OP according to MM info. Dont post fearful comments like: "You might have cancer" or "GO TO ER NOW". Not helpful.
-Comment to give support/encourage fellow community members, and if you know MM tips and guidance that can help.
-Please DO NOT use this subreddit for ANY emergency crisis. This subreddit is NOT for "true medical emergencies" such as heart attacks, strokes, acute physical injury, blood clots, seizures, & much more.
-Please get the help you need from your nearest emergency service. We are NOT one.
-If you want guidance on how to heal, you are welcome to ask for guidance on MM info and tools to use, AFTER you get the emergency help you need. For example: Asking about how to help seizures using MM info.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A little extra information about our rules here.
Rule #1 Do not give advice against Medical Medium information. -You may find other MM communities on other social medias such as Facebook that allow sharing harmful advice, and do not moderate or remove the advice AW tells us that is harmful, or that has changed, for example, Zeolite. AW used to recommend a certain brand of zeolite, and no longer does, due to all the MLM brands out there causing harm. Atlantic Dulse replaced zeolites.
-We will remove ALL the advice that goes against current up to date MM information, and potentially misleads others into getting more harmful products, supplements, and tools that do not help with the healing journey and are not recommended by MM/SOC.
-This commitment is extremely important, because every detail matters for the people suffering and seeking a way out of illness, and we will NOT let people get led astray and on a merry-go-round of guessing games and wasting money from harmful advice or products others want to sell and recommend to MM community members. Many community members do not have the funds to waste money on products that dont work. We commit to never letting the Reddit, and Discord MM communities be influenced by MLM schemes, and people pushing faulty products.
To Expand a little bit more on Rule#5: -This rule is for those that feel the need to comment fearful words without understanding what MM info tells us about certain symptoms and conditions people post about. If you do not know the answer, please prevent yourself from commenting "based off your fear" for another persons symptoms, even if you feel they are severe. -Be patient, compassionate and listen to what other more experienced people in the MM community share about certain symptoms and conditions, using MM info. You can learn a lot by observation. Commenting fearful comments because of something you dont understand does not help the poster in any way, shape, or form. Doing this only passes your fears along to them unnecessarily. Please do not do this. And report this if you see it to help the mods out.
Along with Rule #5, I created Rule #6. -This is not a place for "true medical emergencies". If you are in a crisis and have a medical emergency. Use the proper emergency services. Posting your medical emergencies here will result in immediate bans. If you are in an emergency, then you are WASTING VALUABLE TIME by posting here expecting an answer ASAP. Do not do this. If you want to understand how to better deal with an emergency symptom and condition AFTER you get emergency help, you can ask about it once you feel better. For example understanding how to prevent strokes, heart attacks, seizures etc.
Thanks for taking the time to read through the updated and new rules. Its really appreciated. Happy Healing Have a wonderful Sunday night.
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2021.09.20 04:34 Many_Ad9699 Without any context, what's this tierlist about?

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2021.09.20 04:34 Diccface1245 Your game is actually a buggy piece of shit hands down

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2021.09.20 04:34 Vortect_Reddit POLL: what's your favorite Otamatone?

This is just a fun poll I put together.
View Poll
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2021.09.20 04:34 Noble_r I’m in a constant state of feeling like I’ve got my shit together and at the same time I feel like a complete mess

Never posted here before so I’m sorry if it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the subreddit. Some days I’m feeling optimistic and genuinely think things are going to be ok but recently things seem to be just falling apart. I’m eating through my savings on partying, drugs etc. When I have time to myself I’m usually in a state of upset but can’t seem to work out my feelings or what’s causing them. recently I’ve been feeling an emotion thats new to me that’s not necessarily upset and emotional but just so bleak and empty. I’ve also started hurting myself and I don’t even know why I’m doing it; I’ve never hurt myself this bad. I’m just a mess. I really feel like it’d would only take one thing to go really wrong to push me over that edge. I don’t think I’m depressed because I’ve gone through that when I was younger and this is not the same. I just don’t know where to go from here. I feel in such a vulnerable position and, with all the suicidal thought going on these last few days I wonder in it would be something I could be capable off. It really feels like it’d take one thing to push me to that such as not passing my first year of uni . I’m sure I’m a week haven’t eaten in a few days either. I’ll be in a completely different. Position but I just don’t think I should ignore this. I just want a breqk from consciousness for a while or just to run away an live in isolation for a while. I’m down with everything for more and Just want to sleep for weeks. I’m Sorry for the rant and if this doesn’t fit In with this subreddit. Pls. Delete if it doesn’t follow the rules and sorry for the rant just would like to hear others thoughts. Also would love to hear some music recommendations.
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