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Kaiser Strike Activity

2021.09.20 04:01 nogginlemonade Kaiser Strike Activity

Anyone visiting a Kaiser hospital this week may notice some strike activity and I would like to provide some information for those that are curious:
This is not about the vaccines or anything COVID related.
Across Northern California, all Kaiser Facility Engineers are on strike until further notice and you may notice some services delayed, canceled, or in disrepair.
The Engineers had a labor contract that expired on Saturday, and Kaiser refused to present an offer for negotiation until 12 hours prior to expiration. At that time, Kaiser presented a weak "take it or leave it" offer in an attempt to bully the union and Engineers. If the union accepts weak offers and bullying tactics like this from an employer it puts downward pressure on wages and retirement benefits for the entire middle class. Yes, Kaiser pays well, but that also means they set the standard for wages across many organizations. The Engineers are fighting to keep that standard as high as possible for middle class workers everywhere. When one company succeeds in cutting costs at the expense of their employees' standard of living, others will soon follow suit.
Cheers to everyone who shows their support and I hope you and your loved ones are still provided great care this week, Engineers on duty or not.
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2021.09.20 04:01 Historical_Nothing63 Resin or fdm 3d printings for printing blasters?

I want to get a 3d printer to print blasters but I don't know which would be better Resin or Fdm. Please let me know which is a better choice
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2021.09.20 04:01 starmanXY My oc

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2021.09.20 04:01 JustSomeRand0mGuy69 I've been seeing a lot of these guys lately, from what I know they don't bite or anything and they just curl up in a circular shape whenever I touch them,what is this worm like thing?

I've been seeing a lot of these guys lately, from what I know they don't bite or anything and they just curl up in a circular shape whenever I touch them,what is this worm like thing? submitted by JustSomeRand0mGuy69 to whatsthisbug [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 04:01 HEYYMCFLYY Sanyo TP-745S - opinions?

Hi everyone,
I'm brand new to the world of vinyl. I have an opportunity to buy a Sanyo TP-745S turntable for about $120. It looks like it's been restored to pretty much like new condition. Has a new belt, new AT cartridge. Fully serviced (by the seller, who appears to service and flip vintage turntables as a side hustle. He has a few up for sale right now). It all sounds good. My question is, is this a decent quality turntable? Will I be happy with it in ten years? How does it compare to a new turntable, say, the AT LP120X for example? Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.20 04:01 AngelmZeal1 Look Up

Wings deployed, flying with grace and confidence, the moth seemed to lead the way in our nightly operation. As we ran as quickly as we could, I only watched the moth for no more than one second. Was it a sign or a warning of some form? Well, especially at that young age I could not be the person mature and spiritual enough to interpret these kinds of things.
Like really, what were we thinking? The year was 2001. Like most of the times, everything started with Cory. It was very out of character for him to watch such educational material, however, he happened to watch a documentary about rare and expensive antique items. His craziness then led him to gather us: Troy, Tim and I, Zach, and talk us into robbing the antique shop a few streets away from my childhood home.
And there we were, a group of four masked teenagers excited about adding burglary to our long list of mischievous achievements and making a ton of money in the process. We altered between creeping and running through the poorly lit alleys of our neighborhood, neither discouraged by the occasional barking dogs that caught our scents from behind houses walls, nor by the freezing wind that got colder as we stepped closer to our target.
"Okay we here now." Cory said when we saw the shop some feet away from us. As the lock expert, my cousin Troy took his responsibility and sped toward the entrance to put his talents into contribution. In less than a minute, he opened the shop, and we could all quickly and quietly sneak inside.
The place has never been attractive for us in broad daylight and from the outside, therefore, the inside in the middle of the night was the pure sight of a horror movie. Among the old clocks, porcelain plates, vases, books, colored candles, mugs, and many other objects that I could not even name, there were many strange figurines and portraits that seemed masked with a genuine anger expression, staring right at us.
Led by Cory, our team continued the search all the way to the back of the shop where we found a whole new section dedicated to handmade jewelry. Some of the bracelets and necklaces were so bizarre, that I could not even picture any person wearing one of those things. Hence, we could not find what we came to steal. There was not even any money to be found. Anyway, did we even know what we were looking for?
Things escalated to just picking random objects to take with us, with the hope that luck would strike when it would be time to sell them. Cory soon hit the jackpot when he found a golden necklace that he quickly put in his pocket. Most of what we took were the plates and the weird jewelry, filling our bags for at least five minutes before we decided to leave, only to face something none of us expected.
All the figurines, were carefully placed right in front of us, forming a barrier between us and the exit. Their angry and accusing expression intensified until the colored candles started to light themselves up one by one all around us. None of us dared to move or even say anything, petrified by what was even scarier than being caught. Soon, an old gramophone started a very strange and disturbing song.
Cory took the matter in his own hands and just ran towards the figurines, jumped over them, reached the exit and started running for his life. We imitated him and as soon as I exited the antique shop, we all heard the one thing we wished to avoid:
"Hey! You!"
We did not even know where it came from and of course we did not care. We ran non-stop and even parted ways to our respective homes in the process, trying to make things more difficult for whoever spotted us. Fortunately, I was not followed and could sneak back in the house through my bedroom window. I carefully divided in half and hid my loot under my bed and in my cupboard. Mission cleared, I thought as I prepared to sleep, feeling like a video game character that just reached the end of a level.
The next day evening, Cory visited me at the house, and we hid in my bedroom to smoke. We discussed about the items we had in our possession and honestly, I could not say that I had laid my hands on a fortune. This is when Cory showed me the golden necklace he had. The short chain was made with interlaced triangles and did not end with a clasp as if the necklace was not supposed to be worn. Another strange and senseless item from that weird shop, I thought. The pendant was a fish that had three heads with different expressions, namely anger, sadness, and indifference or emptiness.
"How much you think it can bring?" Cory asked as I examined the necklace. I was about to give an estimation when we both saw the red and blue lights from outside.
I gave the necklace back to Cory and went to look at the window, only to be greeted by several officers shaking their heads to make it clear that any attempt to escape was impossible and unnecessary. I then tried to hide whatever I could while Cory was doing the same. We heard the knock on the door and my mom went on to let our doom in.
No need to waste time on the details. We all got caught. Each of us received different sentences to different juvenile centres according to the information divulged during the interrogation sessions. It did not take long for the experienced detectives to create conflict and make us ridiculously point fingers at each other until the whole truth was revealed.
The loot was retrieved, every single item was returned to the shop except for the golden necklace. Cory. I did not know at the time how he managed to hide it in the last minute and even thought he had swallowed it before we were arrested. Yes, he was ready as always to go to such lengths.
Well, I received five good months and was stuck in a two twin beds room with another troublesome kid named Ben. The people in charge of the centre I was sent to did not want the facility to feel like a prison, therefore, they preferred to use the words room instead of cell, and roommate instead of inmate, and asked us to do the same. Out of respect for those amazing people, I will be doing the same throughout this story.
Ben looked really relaxed as it was not his first time in the facility, and he was often complaining about the boredom. Fortunately, I was allowed to bring some items with me like a few comic books and a radio cassette, just to help us pass the time. I did not know that I was about to go through the most traumatic moments of my life.
During the first night, I was relaxed on the bed, reading a comic book while some music was playing with very low volume. Heavy sleeper Ben was already snoring with another comic book covering his face. At some point, the music started to distort, and I could hear what I can only describe as a creepier version of the song. As I put the comic book out of my sight, ready to check on the radio cassette, I spotted a black stain forming in the middle of the ceiling and soon, a black liquid dripped down the wall instead of just falling off the ceiling. Quietly, with my eyes on the stain, I sat on the bed and saw the black liquid dripping down the wall starting to form a hand that was taking Ben's direction.
"Ben! Ben wake up! Ben!" I called to no avail. He was still peacefully sleeping. The hand on the wall made of the mysterious black liquid grew larger with each centimeter it reached closer to my roommate's head. The music on the radio cassette turned from a distorted and creepy version to some demonic chanting or incantations, and the light bulb of the room started to flicker. I rushed to Ben and just grabbed his head with both hands and shook it violently.
"Ben! Fucking wake up!" I yelled.
"What? What?" He finally responded as he woke up, removing my hands from his head.
"There's a freaking—" I stopped in my track. I looked around the room and could no longer see a trace of the black liquid, or even the stain on the ceiling. The music went back to normal, and the light bulb also stopped flickering, as if nothing ever happened just some moments ago.
"Bro? What the fuck happened?" Ben asked, still puzzled by the way I woke him up.
"There was a— some black water man, and—that hand was about to touch you bro."
"I swear man. There was a freaking liquid coming from the ceiling and— something happened man." I attempted explaining again in vain.
"Bro? You sure you told me everything about you?"
"Everything?" I asked, perplexed.
"You know, you sure there's no psycho paranoia or whatever schizo shit that sometimes going on with you?"
He was not to be blamed. Chances are that I would have reacted in the exact same way should the roles be reversed. At least, no other incident occurred for the rest of the night, and fortunately, nobody was alerted by all the noise.
One week later, there was still no other incident, and I was settling in well with the other kids in the facility. The juvenile centre had planned several activities as part of the correctional program for us not to feel in prison, and also to teach us some useful stuff on different fields of study and on how to stay out of trouble. The program included several classes that we had to attend from time to time.
During one of the classes, I was relaxed and just enjoying the show of our funny teacher who had a great method to make us learn important things easily. At some point, a mysterious hooded figure, dressed in a long black cloak, emerged from the corner of the classroom, and walked backwards to where the teacher was standing and just stood there, with its back facing us. The teacher was still speaking, and other kids were still laughing and asking funny questions.
Fear on my face, I slowly stood up, pointing at the mysterious figure. However, the others thought that I was pointing at the teacher, including himself, therefore, he asked:
"Zach? Anything wrong?" He questioned, looking at himself since it seemed that I was pointing at him, then he looked back at me. The dark hooded figure still standing right next to him did not move by a millimeter.
"Hey bro! What's up?" One of the kids asked with a little bit of laughter in his voice, not understanding what was going on.
"Zach? What's wrong?" Ben also asked with a more serious tone.
"Don't you all see that guy right in front of us? Mr Sanders he's next to you! Move!" I yelled, soon realizing that I was the only one to see the ominous dark figure. The teacher started bombarding me with additional questions in complete confusion. Some kids joined him trying to understand while others started laughing, persuaded that I was either being crazy or pretending. I was shouting trying to explain what I was seeing on the verge of tears, when suddenly, the figure walked backwards in my direction with an unusual speed.
Trembling, walking backwards to escape the entity, I felt my blood turning to ice in my veins and my legs soon failed me as I fell on the floor, eyes widened and riveted on my assailant getting closer at each step. I stretched my arms forward in defense and my mind went blank.
When I regained consciousness, I was in our room. Ben was reading a novel he had certainly borrowed from the centre's library. He explained the whole scene to me, from how I was behaving to what I was saying up until the moment I fell on the ground and fainted. Again, he asked me to be honest with him and myself and admit to him that I had psychological issues.
You know that I did not react well with such claims. I know, this is what most people do, even when they indeed have mental issues, but I knew deep down in my heart that I had no such problems before the robbery. We quarreled a little bit over it before we decided to turn our backs on each other, to face the walls and sleep.
Hoping into the train of my thoughts, I took a trip inside my mind and went back to that night. I closed my eyes and visualized what happened just before we left. How all the figurines just aligned in front of us? What are those things exactly? How all those candles just lit up? What exactly was that place? I concluded that we really messed up that time. We should not have robbed that antique shop.
A faint noise soon interrupted my train of thoughts. It sounded like something viscous. The type of sound one hears when a person is eating or when a carnivorous animal is devouring its prey. I concluded that it was probably Ben swallowing saliva as he slept before I heard him snoring loudly as he always did. The sound did not come from him.
Turning on the spot to investigate, I did not see anything out of the ordinary, except for something dangling from the ceiling. I slowly looked up, unveiling the terrifying nightmare that came in the form of a tentacle covered with a black liquid, emerging from a large black stain in the middle of the ceiling.
"Ben! Ben!" I called once again and just like during the first incident, he did not respond.
I jumped out of the bed and immediately slipped and fell on the black liquid that had made its way on the floor. It stained my clothes and covered my palms. I still do not know what that liquid was but if I had to give it a guess, I would say it was ink. I stood up and rushed to the locked door and banged on it with all my strength to alert anyone who could help us, especially the wardens since they are the ones with the keys.
"Zach? What the fuck you doing?" I heard Ben asking.
Looking back at him, I saw him leaving his bed, arms stretched in a questioning and confused manner. Above him, from the black stain in the middle of the ceiling, emerged four more tentacles just moving around, wriggling, and rubbing against each other, thus increasing that disgusting sound of viscosity.
My fist was clenched, and I was ready to bang harder on the door before the situation reaches a point of no return. Before I could make further noise, I heard the lock and soon saw a warden opening the door. I pushed him and ran in the corridor before I was caught by several other wardens that were in stand-by as reinforcement. I was yelling again trying to explain the horrifying incident in vain.
The moment I calmed down, it was clear that there was no trace of anything in the room and even nothing on myself. All the stains on my clothes that resulted from my contact with the black ink had disappeared and of course I did not even know when it had happened. That was the night when I was officially labeled as crazy and was examined by a psychiatrist. He came up with some psychiatric mumbo jumbo like stress, anxiety, or other things of that nature in an attempt to explain what was wrong with me.
Family members visited, and especially my mother many times because whatever was going on with me raised serious concerns. I was moved to a different room in which I was all alone. Rumors about me being crazy circulated in the facility and hearing nicknames and mockery such as Looney Zacky or Nutcase or Zach in Horror Land became a daily routine. Other kids started avoiding me including Ben, and some of them even said I was possessed. I was spending my nights watching the ceiling just to be ready to run in case there were manifestations, but in my new room, nothing happened during the first days.
A week and a few days later, we were all at the library as required by the correctional program. I was minding my own business and reading an interesting comic book. At first, I did not pay attention to the things moving in the library with speed, thinking there were just wardens, teachers, or kids in a hurry. Of course, I finally saw what was going on when I looked at my surroundings as I turned a page.
The dark hooded figure with the long black cloak was back. In fact, it was back with four more others dressed the same. They were walking backwards with their unusual speed through the shelf passageways of the library. Sometimes, they walked so close to each other that I thought they would hit one another but they never made any contact, just like professionals of synchronized walking.
I stood up slowly, trying to act natural and avoid making any scene. My body was shaking heavily, and I opted to walk towards a warden. As soon as I made the first step forward, one of the dark figures walked right next to me and startled me with so much effect that I led out a scream and sat right back on the chair, almost falling in the process.
Everybody turned to me, trying to see if I was about to make another scene. I tried to remain calm, unable to control the shaking and wet my pants in the process. One of the wardens started to approach while the dark figures accelerated their backward walking. Nobody could walk faster than them even if it was done forward. At some point, one of the dark entities walked a few feet away from me then suddenly turned and walked toward me.
Terrorized, I fell backwards with my chair and the warden ran to me, asking if I was ok. Other kids started to laugh since in their minds, my craziness was happening again in full display. The entity reached me before the warden. I could see its gray, bony and clawed right hand emerge from a sleeve of his cloak. It looked viscous or wet just like when someone just got out from water, and it was even dripping. There was complete and absolute darkness under its hood as if there was no face or head to see. The entity stretched its hand forward apparently asking me to give something to it and spoke:
"ecalkenehdzirew." It said, with its unnatural voice.
What was that? I thought. My eyes were riveted on the entity. The warden reached me and started to shake me, still asking if I was okay. He also tried to see what I was staring at in my absolute terror but of course could not see anything, and just tried to shake me and slap me out of my hallucinations.
"ecalkenehdzirew." The entity repeated, stretching its hand further toward me with its strange voice. It sounded like several men with different kinds of voices speaking at the exact same time. It was becoming too much to handle, and I once again fainted.
Stretching on a bed to wake up from a deep sleep, I opened my eyes and found myself in the nursery. My mom spent the rest of the days with me there and we discussed a lot about what was happening to me. I told her everything, no matter how crazy it sounded to her just to get it off my chest. She did her best to believe me, even against her own sanity just so that I know that at least she was on my side.
Before it was time to take a shower, take my medication and to go back to my room, my mother left, and I received a call from another juvenile centre. I was taken into a room where there was an old landline phone and I picked up the call.
"Hey Zach! You good bro?"
"Cory? Yeah—I'm good and you?" I replied.
"I'm G-O-O-D-Y bro! Catch it in the air!" He answered. 'Catch it in the air.' One of the many coded phrases my friends and I used. It was designed in a way that if one of us uses it, then the other knows that he is about to lie so that everyone just plays along.
"Alright what's up?" I asked, understanding that Cory thought we could be listened.
"You know, I been looking for a cassette I lent you not long ago. Couldn't find it in my stuff. And my brother didn't find it back at home either."
"Is it? Which one bro? You supply me a lot." I questioned for him to be more specific.
"That one from that big singer bro. Just forgot the name, the guy won best singer of the year three times. Just check on your side bro, I think last time I left it playing in your radio." He said, then we talked about a few more stuff till the end of the call. I could not bring myself to tell him what I was going through and did not dare to ask if he had himself experienced anything strange.
As soon as I got back in my room, I started checking my radio cassette to look for the item. Whatever thing he was really talking about, he had put it inside, somewhere, somehow. I did not have to check for very long and soon found the golden necklace hidden inside. Cory, he did it again, I thought. I examined the pendant and especially the eyes of the three-headed fish and understood that it is what he meant by the singer winning three best singer of the year three times. He sure wanted me to find it, keep it so he can sell it once he retrieves it from me.
I sat on my bed and remembered the dark figure, asking me for something in a language I did not even know. At that moment, I became led by an unknown force with a train of logic I did not know I could be capable of. I took a pen and a paper and tried to remember what it said to me as much as I could. ecalkenehdzirew. I could not even pronounce it. At least, let me start there to know what those beings really want from me, I thought.
Then, it clearly rose in my mind, and I remembered how most of the time, the dark entities walk backwards. So, what if they also happen to talk or speak backwards? I wrote what it said to me in reverse and obtained werizdheneklace. I tried pronouncing it with twice and the second time it became so clear. I just had to separate the words: wer iz dhe neklace. Or simply: where is the necklace?
Unaware of how immediate the result would be after I solved that mystery, I was caught off guard by the six eyes of the fish on the necklace, suddenly shining with a vivid red. The five dark figures emerged from the walls of my room. They were walking backwards as usual and in random directions, again perfectly synchronized and never coming into contact. They appeared from and disappeared into the walls for at least thirty seconds.
Fists clenched, I tried to remain calm so that I do not alert the warden right on the other side of the door. The facility did not allow cameras inside the rooms, even for people with mental issues, and that is why he had been appointed to keep an eye on me. The dark figures then turned to me at some point, walked towards and surrounded my bed. They stretched their left fists forward and a fire appeared on it. Each fire had a specific color, thus differentiating the five entities for the first time. They spoke with their strange voices at the same time:
"We are the five prophets of the unknown, born into and made out of darkness, with the sole purpose of accomplishing the will of the great Gaharzharkan, he who resides in every house, he who resides in every ceiling, watching all and everything, consuming those that belong to him." They said, then remained silent.
I tried to hand over the necklace to the one closest to me even though I was terrified out of my mind, when they resume speaking:
"Listen mortal! Tonight, before midnight, place the necklace in the center of the room and wait until the great Gaharzharkan retrieves what rightfully belongs to him. It is only then, that you will be free. This is not yours. Remember! Before midnight. Mortal, remember! Before midnight." They said before they disappeared like smoke.
How did I end up in such a mess? I thought. I wanted to strangle Cory for talking me into robbing that shop full of demonic artefacts. On top of it all, he even managed to leave the necklace in my possession thus creating further problems for me. I soon gathered myself and remembered that I had my part of responsibility and just threw the necklace in the center of the room out of anger and frustration. There it was on the ground a0nd so began the wait. I checked the clock and saw that it was still 7:56.pm.
It felt like an eternity. I was curled up in the corner of the room, only hearing the ticking clock and my breath, and only looking at three things turn by turn: the clock, the necklace, and the ceiling. I started heavily sweating at 11:49 pm, at the anticipation of what that deity they mentioned looked like and would do to me because of the necklace. I started shaking heavily at 11:56 pm when I saw the six eyes of necklace's pendant shine and knew that an end was near. It would be either the end of the nightmare, the end of me or even both.
Eyes on the ceiling, I witnessed the small stain that appeared on it and quickly grew large by the second. The black ink started to drip and stain the floor as well and soon, one tentacle emerged from the ceiling, then two others, then another two, making it five, covered with that black ink and wriggling. Soon, an unnaturally long arm that looked human appeared among the tentacles. It came down slowly, accompanied by a heavy breathing that resembled one of a horse, or maybe one of a bull.
Praying in my heart for such a nightmare to be over, eyes filled with tears, I remained curled up in the corner, sweating and trembling. The arm picked up the necklace, and as soon as it had a good grip on the item, it retracted into the black stain much faster than it emerged. The heavy breathing also ceased. The tentacles started to retract as well and disappeared into the black stain. The ink on the floor also returned to the black stain, leaving the floor dry and clean, and then the black stain itself became smaller and smaller until it completely disappeared on the ceiling.
That was it. From that moment, I never had any hallucinations or any trouble of that nature. I completed my stay in the facility and was released without any issue. When Cory was released, I explained to him that the wardens caught me with the necklace and that they also sent it back to the antique shop owner. You may have noticed that I have avoided divulging many names in the story, especially the name of shop and the owner's name. Let me just say that it is to avoid further troubles of any kind.
Since what I witnessed, I avoid sleeping on my back just to avoid facing the ceiling and I believe you understand why. I, myself, still hardly believe that it all happened to me, but fortunately, remembering everything helped me to stay out of trouble. I'm thirty-four years old today and happy to realize that things are going well for me. Therefore, it is only logical that I end the story by saying this: do not take what is not yours.
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2021.09.20 04:01 Purple22182 [Request] My Grammy is turning 90! [US]

And she jokingly said, “Maybe we should make one of those things and see if I can get 90 cards for my birthday.” I believe in making dreams come true - will you help me?
As a side note, it’s been a hard time for her during covid as she lives alone and has had to spend a lot of time without visitors. I also think this idea would give her something to look forward to and a little excitement in her day. PM me for address. Thanks for considering it; she’s the best.
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2021.09.20 04:01 AustiniusWrex First try at fermented pickles. I have done a good few pepper ferments so hopefully these turn out good.

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2021.09.20 04:01 spatialsilver88 [POSITIVE] for /u/echo-fx74 [buyer]

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2021.09.20 04:01 Glenduil prestige question

If I go down a rank in prestige, do I lose the sub cite I got in that rank?
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2021.09.20 04:01 DaveTheBraveEh FB Market place - BMW 325 Pickup

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2021.09.20 04:01 AllCouponFree Best ioS Development Courses on Udemy in 2021

Free Certification Course Title: Best ioS Development Courses on Udemy in 2021
Enroll Here: https://allcouponfree.com/best-ios-development-courses-on-udemy-in-2021/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2021.09.20 04:01 loopgru LFG - Been playing alone for 9 years!

About me:
40-something professional, married with kids, on the far left side of the US both geographically and politically. In no particular order, nerd, metalhead, dad, environmentalist, and big bearded goofball.
Casual, but not necessarily filthily so. I have more time to buildcraft than I do to actually play, so as a rule I run around with exotic gearsets and a mostly theoretical knowledge of my characters that sometimes even translates into effective gameplay. About 2000 hours over 9 years. Chronic alt-a-holic, I have played every profession to 80 and mained all of them except mes and thief at some point. If forced to pick I'd probably main engi, but not without protest.
Looking for:
I'm looking for friends who play GW2. I don't care how big the roster is, how decked out your guild hall is, what content you do, etc. Do you treat each other and other players with respect? Keep the gamerbro nonsense to an absolute minimum (preferably zero)? Enjoy doinking around in content, helping people to explore what the game has to offer, and enjoy the journey?
Content-wise, probably mostly interested in strikes, WvW, casual dungeons now and then, and maybe fractals.
Generally on for a bit most nights after my kids are down, between 830 and 11 Pacific.
Let's talk!
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2021.09.20 04:01 autotldr 3 'critically endangered' B.C. killer whales are pregnant, scientists say

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot)

Three critically endangered killer whales that frequent B.C.'s waters are now pregnant.
The three pregnancies are in what scientists call the "J-pod," a group of southern resident killer whales.
Members of the pod are named starting with the letter "J" and a number; the three mothers-to-be are J19, J36 and J37. University of British Columbia researcher Josh McInnes, with the marine mammal research unit at UBC's Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, said that although killer whales have a high rate of miscarriages and infant mortality, he and other researchers are "Excited" and "Hopeful" at least some of the three pregnancies will help rebuild the endangered species' population.
Southern resident orcas are listed as "Endangered" by the Canadian and U.S. governments, as their salmon food sources dwindle and shipping traffic creates noise and often-deadly animal collisions.
Southern resident killer whales are distinct from northern resident populations, as well as transient orcas.
In June, the federal government issued an interim order for the protection of southern resident orcas, boosting existing regulations impacting shipping traffic in B.C. waters where the species is known to travel.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: resident#1 Three#2 whale#3 research#4 southern#5
Post found in /UpliftingNews and /worldnews.
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2021.09.20 04:01 Snoo_13938 Explain this democrats

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2021.09.20 04:01 shana104 Lag time?

Been doing DD in the last week and have noticed that I'll get the ping on my watch and car about a DD text order but it takes a good 10 seconds just for the actual pop showing place and amount to even pop up, costing me valuable time to accept (or not) the order. Is anyone else having this lag time?
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2021.09.20 04:01 Mortgagethrawy Gas station - Nozzle lock/lever

Moved from the US earlier this year and can’t wrap my head around why gas stations don’t have nozzle lock/lever at pumps? I haven’t been outside of Ontario but is this consistent across Canada? A lot of gas pumps look new so it’s not that the problem is with older pumps. Not a big deal but just trying to understand the reasoning.
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2021.09.20 04:01 boonkNuts How do I get rid of these blackheads/marks on my cheeks? I’ve had them for like 2 years

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2021.09.20 04:01 ImEliasK Its currently September 20, 2021 at 04:01AMat GMT +2

Its currently September 20, 2021 at 04:01AM at GMT +2
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2021.09.20 04:01 DavidSlain Broke 900k mastery today.

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2021.09.20 04:01 Evertolove_ Need people to play with on Warframe. Oh yeah and on PS4

Look for people to play with on warframe I’m a low level kinda just stared and I play on PS4.
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2021.09.20 04:01 cheesecurd_bambina If Reese’s made a one regular peanut butter cup and one white peanut butter cup in the same package

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2021.09.20 04:01 SerialQueefer What is up with the performance?

I have a 3700x and a 2070s. To matter the settings, the game makes my gpu run at 70c and the cpu at 60. This is very not normal. Anyone else experience this?
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2021.09.20 04:01 Avyannahome The Lord Bless And Keep You.

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2021.09.20 04:01 ufosceptic The Finders - Corinne

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