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Prepare for a long post! I'm working on a TTRPG with a focus on Roleplaying. My target market would be people who play DnD or Pathfinder and join the games for the stories and characters, but not so much for the combat. This is a game in which you capture monsters, but not necessarily cute creatures like in Pokemon, but things that would find themselves at home in DnD or Call of Cthulu. I'm trying not to focus too much on the setting for now so I can keep my attention on the core mechanics and iron them out. With that said I do plan to have the space between human civilization being dangerous and even more dangerous the longer you stay outside the walls of towns or cities.
I present to you what I have thus far for mechanics. I'd love for feedback or questions that challenge me on my ideas as suggested. Possible solutions for looser aspects are always welcome too.
Basic gameplay
The GM will present the rest of the players with various scenarios and obstacles. Player characters will navigate the world and scenarios with their monsters to overcome challenges and setbacks.
Both GM and Players will work together to build the world and narrative of the game world from crafting challenges to creating opportunities.
Throughout the game the GM will present challenges and give them difficulty scores - often, but not always, based on the group’s skills and stats. Player characters will create dice pools of various dice based on the skill, attack, or other solution they use to attempt to overcome the challenge.
Rolling the dice pool will often have the players compare their results to the difficulty of the given challenge which produces one of four outcomes. A result that meets or exceeds the difficulty by five is a success. A result that exceeds the difficulty by more than five is a great success. On the flip side a result that misses the difficulty by five under is a failure. A score that is six or more below the difficulty is a great failure.
While success and failure mean little more than the name suggests Great success or great failure holds more weight in the outcome of the scenario.
As you read through the rules you’ll see situations in which the great success or great failure may change the tide of results for various challenges and scenarios.
As a general rule achieving a Great success may mean that a player can lift another player up a tier. Either from a great failure to a failure or a failure to a success. Great successes can not raise a success into a great success. On the other hand a great failure often results in a party wide struggle or harm. An obvious exception could be when a player is alone and no other party member may be subject to their failure. Great failures often result in harm to the individual player character that attempted the challenge as they are the one at greatest risk.
Dice pools are formed in a few ways. Skill dice pools are formed by adding 1d6 equal to the amount of a given skill you’ve purchased. For example if your player character has purchased the skill swim twice you’d have a swim skill pool of 2D6.
Attacks also may have pools. Each attack has their own unique pool and is stated along with the attack. For example, a sword is 2D8.
The results of any given pool is added to the related stat. The stat that is associated with any given roll is listed with the attack or skill. However the DM may decide a different stat is needed for the specific scenario. Such a case could be climbing a mountain is normally a Power stat, but if the GM has the players climbing as fast as they can then Agility is more appropriate.
Building a character
Each character has five base abilities that will determine much of the rest of their character. These abilities are:

Power informs your characters strength, attack prowess and general might.
Agility is how well you can dodge, run or how quickly you can react.
Resilience - is tied to HP along with the character's ability to physically resist pain or mental strain.
Reason - Is how easily a character can pick up new skills and influences their ability to comprehend how things work and understand complex ideas. For monsters this is also their spell casting ability.
Charm - is how likable your character is or how trustworthy they are.
These stats are determined by a point buy system. To purchase 1-3 you need to expend points equal to the desired number. 1 for 1, 2 for 2 and 3 for 3. 4 points cost 6 and 5 points cost 8. 6 points cost 10, 7 points costs 12
You may also lower a score to zero to gain another point to expend. Each player has 12 points to purchase with.
Standard array would be 3,3,2,2,2 min max would be 3, 3, 3, 3, 0
You may spend leftover points on abilities.
Each class will have an HP amount that you’ll roll for. For example 1D10 for a breeder. Then you’ll add your Resilience (Rs) score to get your Hit points.
AC or Armor Class is determined by Agility (Ag) plus any armor you purchase - as far as physical attacks are concerned. Magical or mental attacks are against a player or monster's Resilience score.
In addition classes will provide a number for how many captive monsters you may keep active at any given time. This number is called Container bonus. You’ll add that number to your Charm (Ch) score to get the total captive number. If the monsters you are currently keeping active in your crystal exceed this total there will be consequences. More on this in Captive and catching monsters.
Combat with monster companion
At the start of combat any player using a monster must attempt a bond check. Doing so involves a few steps in this order.
  1. Choose which monster you are going to use.
  2. Roleplay how you convince the monster to aid you.
  3. DM decides what ability is required to make the roll based on how the player chose to coax their monster. (bribe with charm, intimidate with power, etc.)
  4. Player rolls a d20 and adds their associated ability score and any other bonuses and checks if the results meet or exceed the bond level.
If the roll results in failure go to the bond section for further details.
If the roll is a success the monster will aid you in the battle and no further rolls are required. Additionally some monsters may not require a roll as their bond level is below or matches the player's ability score and bonuses. In this case role play is still encouraged, but rolling is not necessary.
Combat without monster companion
Monsters are generally stronger and faster than the player characters. Facing off against a monster without a monster of your own is ill advised. Laying traps, ganging up on a monster or running away are far better options than standing your ground alone. With that said…
The order of events that take place in combat are all dictated by what action you plan to take. At the start of combat everyone decides the action they will take and place their initiative die in front of them with the associated side face up.
  1. Speed action
  2. Move action
  3. Ranged action
  4. Magic action
  5. Melee action
  6. Slow action
Each attack, spell or action with a target has a range associated with it. In order to hit or affect the target you must be within range otherwise it is an automatic miss.
When attacking you will roll your pool of dice and compare that to the target’s opposing defense. If you match or surpass the target’s defense score the hit is a success. Some attacks, such as tackle, always hit if the target is in range.
Physical attacks are always vs agility. Magic and mental attacks are always vs Resilience.
Each attack or attribute has a pool of dice that you’ll roll and add the associated ability. For example a magic attack might be 2d6 + Reason.
Speed action - The fastest action available. It resolves before any other actions can happen.
Move action - This is both physically moving characters around the battlefield as well as using items such as prepared potions, devises or calling upon your monsters from their crystals.
Ranged action - Often an attack launched from afar. Although this could be throwing an item. Any action that involves delivering something from one space to another space that is not adjacent.
Magic action - Casting spells or mental abilities.
Melee action - Physical attacks used by a body part or held item.
Slow action - A telegraphed action, often an attack, that deals a significant amount of damage.
Attacking a creature has you first break through it’s armor then it’s health. Each creature has a different level of armor, some not having any at all. But once you break through the armor you may cause real damage.
Combat example
Insert a combat example here.
Capturing Monsters
Capturing a monster can be done in three ways. Attacking it, A challenge or appeasing them. Each has their own time and place and not all approaches will be helpful in all situations.
Regardless of the choice in which you are attempting to capture a monster you are always aiming for their Will. A monster’s will informs the players how likely a given monster will listen to you, trust you or respect you as a leader. A monster with low will won't be able to resist being caught. Maintaining a low will keeps your monsters in check and easy to handle.
Attacking to capture means you are attacking their will, not their health. You may, at any time, state your monster is attacking a monster's will. This is an attempt at dominance through physical force.
When fighting a monster without your own monster you are always attacking it’s will. Humans do little to no damage to a monster, even with a weapon. Instead you are attacking it’s will to fight.
A challenge is a skill challenge. A player may choose to show off, persuade, intimidate or otherwise convince a monster to join them or run away. When challenging you are choosing a skill to compete against the monster and who is performing the skill (The player or a monster they own). The player will choose a skill and roll their dice pool against the monster’s skill.
In a success you will lower the target’s will by however many above the difficulty you score.
A great success lowers the target’s will by double the amount over the difficulty.
A failure raises the target’s will (but may not exceed the their max will)
A great failure raises the target’s will by double (again, not exceeding their max will)
Appeasing a monster is offering them gifts or in some cases worship. Appeasing takes much longer to accomplish than any other option. This is a session on it's own or something that is done over many sessions when they have time to slowly work at this creature.
Appeasing often has the player knowing about the creature. Has their eye on them and is working to coax them to join them knowing they can't win in a straight fight. Appeasing requirs research into what the monsters desire, where they live and, if the GM decides, various other habits and nuances.
Regardless of the option a player may always attempt to catch the monster if they feel they can beat the monster's will.
The act of catching a monster is your Reliance dice pool vs their will.
If a monster is poisoned or otherwise losing health it continues to lose health until stabilized. If it isn’t stabilized before reaching its negative Resilience score it is dead. Even if it is stabilized before dying the monster is considered fainted and must be healed before it may be used in any decent, savory manner.
Monsters can still die in their Crystals.
What is the ‘time table’? How do you get monsters to listen to you right away so that an oaklite isn’t a struggle to capture after you’ve been playing for a year?
You could either add the amount of skills the PC has or how many monsters they own. Subtract that number from the target monsters will?
Disposition of Monsters
The bond of a monster is very important. A monster is generally untrusting of the person who just captured it. Building your bond with your monsters improves their desire to work with you and do as commanded. A lower will score is better as you have to meet or exceed that score with whatever roll you intend to use to control it.
For example a monster may have a will score of 6. A trainer may choose to give the monster a treat if they fight on her behalf. The trainer has 1 skill in persuasion and thus rolls 1D6+ch. She rolls a 5, but her ch score is 2 making the total a 7. She succeeds! Now the monster will obey her commands - for now.
Lowering a will is done by spending dedicated time with your monster. A short training session (about 2 hours) will lower the score by 1 for the rest of the day. A long training session (lasting about 6-8 hours) will lower the score by 3 for the rest of the day. Both time periods start at the end of the training session.
Raising a will is done if a day elapses without dedicated training time. Over training the monster (having 2 short sessions in a day or spending multiple days training in long sessions). If the monster falls in combat or is over exerted.
Disobeying monsters:
What happens if you don’t match or exceed the will of a monster you’ve captured? The monster disobeys.
When you fail to get the monster to do as you wish it will behave as it wishes. Missing the difficulty by less than five will cause the monster to simply do nothing. It won’t attack unless provoked, it won’t aid unless the DM deems it would out of self interest.
Missing the difficulty by more than five has the DM roll a D6. On a 1 it runs away. 2-4 it attacks you or the nearest ally or creature (DM’s choice). On a 5-6 it continues to do nothing.
Missing the difficulty three times in a row with the same monster will cause it to attack the owner and run away if it deems it can’t win.
Attributes (Skills/Feats)
Attributes are purchased with LEX points. Each attribute has a different cost associated with it and thus not all of them cost the same static amount.
Purchasing an attribute increases the cost of all additional attributes by the amount you own. For example when you start the game you have zero attributes and LEX points equal to the amount of players plus one (GM counts as a player). You purchase your first attribute for two LEX points. Now all attributes cost one more LEX point. The next attribute you wish to purchase costs one LEX point. But, because you’ve already purchased an attribute this new attribute now costs two LEX points. The following attribute you purchase will cost two more points on top of the cost that is stated.
Lex points are used to purchase both trainer attributes and Monster attributes. Additionally LEX can be used to evolve monsters.
How to gain LEX
At the beginning of the game, when making characters, each player will be given LEX points equal to 1+ the amount of players in the game. Four players would result in 5 points. The DM is a player.
Players will also gain the same amount of points each time they defeat a gym leader or an arc ending boss. Both events should be the result of several game sessions all leading to this final point. This should be treated much like the season finale of a tv show. For a single game session this is like the triumph of a big bad in a movie.
During game play the DM should reward players with attribute points for Role play, clever problem solving, Amazing feats or if a player rolls a pool of two or more dice where each die lands on a 1.
Skill challenges
Skill challenges are executed by building a pool of skill dice (D6’s) and adding the associated stat score to meet or exceed the difficulty the GM decides on.
The equation looks like this Dice x skill + stat vs. GM’s DC
As you can see from the equation you gain dice with each rank of a skill you have. If you have not purchased a skill for the given challenge you do not roll a die and instead simply use your associated stat.
Skill challenges are not simply success or failure. They range from great failure (10 or below the difficulty), failure (5 - 9 below the difficulty) , challenged (0-4 below the difficulty) , Success (0-5) above the difficulty and Great success (5+ above the difficulty).
Anyone in the challenged range may be saved if the majority of the players succeed. Anyone in a great success category may also bring one companion in a fail state to a tier above. In other words they can turn a great failure into a failure and a failure into a challenged or a challenged into a success. A great failure generally results in injury to one or more characters or a party wide setback.
Regardless of success of failure the GM should consider the amount of players who fail or succeed and interpret the outcome to reflect how well they did.
Consider this guideline: One failure with three successes would result in a minor challenge that is easy to over come. Perhaps one of the players is exhausted or otherwise put out. Two failures and two successes may mean the challenge succeeds, but at a cost to the party. Three failures and one success would result in the party as a whole unable to overcome the challenge, but a new opportunity makes itself apparent. Total failure means the group is unable to overcome the challenge and further consequences are in order, such as a wound or lost equipment.
Let’s take climbing for example.
The GM presents a party of four with a climbing challenge. They must scale a cliff to gather some eggs some 80’ up. Two of the players have skills in climbing. P1 has 1 point and P2 has 2 points. P3 and P4 both do not have any skills in climbing.
The GM sets the difficulty of this climb to 7 and the players build their pools of dice. P1 rolls 1 die, P2 rolls 2. P3 and P4 both roll nothing. P4 feels the risk is too great and will remain on the ground. P3 feels if they don’t go and the mother bird comes back P1 and P2 will be in trouble, so he will risk the attempt.
Everyone who can roll now rolls and everyone adds up their scores.
P1 got 5+2po = 7 total (success)
P2 got 7+6+4po = 17 total (great success)
P3 got 2po = 2 (great failure)
As it stands the party succeeds, but a cost. However, P2 got a great success so she’ll raise P3’s great failure to a failure. Now, whatever the detriment may be it won’t be as bad. Perhaps no broken bones this time around and instead P2 catches P3 and helps them up resulting in them both getting to the top, but also being exhausted from the exertion.
Attribute List:
Trainer Attributes
Riding - being able to stay on and direct a creature while galloping, trotting, slithering, flying or swimming.
Potion and salves - Health potions, antidotes, and other medical concoctions
Poisons - Poisons and other detrimental concoctions.
Devices - small devices from hand held equipment to small appliances.
Vehicles - Bikes to carts to boats.
Weapon smith
Containment crystals
Herbalism - knowing what alchemic purposes plants have and which parts of any given plant is useful.
Marine biology - Study of water elemental creatures
Igniviv biology - Study of fire elemental creatures
Petraviv biology - Study of rock creatures
Insect - Study of insects
Knowledge customs - basically knowledge local
Monster sociology - behavior of monsters
Capturing (and disposition)
Improve disposition
Improve capture chance
Calm monster - Lower chaos
Unarmed fighting
Melee weapon
Ranged weapon
Light armor
Medium armor
Heavy armor
Run away
Hype/ encourage
Monster Attributes
Beast -Natural monsters
Tackle (Melee, 1d4, Range 5ft, Can’t miss)
Tidal (Ranged, no dmg, Range 40ft, 1d6+Po to hit (vs Ag), Knock prone)
Flame wall
Celestial - Demon/angel
Aberrations - Eldritch/ Fey
Ghost - Dead
Life sap
Construct - Nonliving
Aid (in labors)
Smelt - maintain a fire for forging
In order to craft an item or piece of gear you’ll have to accomplish two steps. Gather the ingredients and then assemble them. These two steps will have players not only make their desired item(s) (hopefully - just don’t miss the difficulty) but they have a chance of making something even better or worse.
When a player chooses to craft an item they first must gather the ingredients. They may do this buy simply buying the required ingredients or by foraging for them. Either way the ingredients will have boons and/or banes that come with it.
Skills such as herbalism, mining, or various zoology attributes will give the players better chances of obtaining ingredients and even making better quality ingredients. However, on the flip side, you may fail in the process and receive more adverse side effects.
When gathering an ingredient follow these guidelines. A success (0-5 above the difficulty) gives you one boon and one bane. Great success gives two boons. Failure gives you two banes and great failure doesn’t even let you have the ingredient(s).
Now that you have the goods it’s time to make the potion, salve or item. The crafter tallies up all the boons and banes they’ve received while collecting the ingredients. For each of these boons and banes the table comes together and suggests options for each. The GM has final say on all suggestions and is encouraged to take the spirit of any suggestion and reign them in to be skill/circumstance appropriate. Boons and banes always come in pairs so there should be an even amount.
The Crafter writes down all these suggestions until they have a suggestion for each boon and bane. Next the GM sets a difficulty for the crafted object and the Crafter rolls their skill dice pool plus stat and checks the results against the difficulty.
A total 0-5 above the difficulty makes the object with one boon and one bane.
A total 5+ makes the object with two boons.
A total 1-5 below the difficulty makes the object with two banes.
A total 5+ below the difficulty does not make the object.
Now that the players knows if they make or don’t make their object they can roll on the random table the party has created to find out what boons and/or banes the object has.
For this the crafter rolls two dice each with as many faces as suggestions. Six suggestions means rolling 2D6.
If the crafting roll results in no banes then remove all banes from the list and only roll for boons. Vise versa for results that have no boons.
If both die land on the same number then add that boon or bane twice. You are basically doubling the effect.
An example:
Kyle wants to craft a health potion - or a series of health potions all at once - and he has collected four boons and two banes from the ingredients he and his companions collected.
Matthew (the GM), Jenn, Micheal and Keri (the other players) suggest four boons and two banes. Jenn suggests Extra health and health regeneration as two boons. Michael suggests +1 to resilience and -1 to resilience as a boon and bane. Keri suggests increasing health by 10 and a decreasing health by 10 as her boon and bane. Matthew deems that the increase and decrease may be too much. Keeping with the spirit of the suggestions he suggests altering it to a temporary health increase or decrease of 5 for 1d4 days. The group agrees.
Now that Kyle has a list he rolls a D6 as there are six options. He rolls a 6 and a 2. Looking to the list that means the potion will have health regeneration and a temporary health decrease of 5 HP.
But Kyle hasn’t actually made the potion yet. Matthew has set the difficulty of the potion to 5 since this is something Kyle does a lot. Kyle has two skills in potion making so he’ll roll 2D6’s. He rolls a 5 and a 1 and has a Reason of 2 for a total of 8. He succeeds at making the potion which now has the boon of health regeneration and the bane of a temporary health decrease by 5.
Boon/Bane suggestions
The players may choose to come up with their own boons and banes if they wish to fit the game they are conducting. These lists are suggestions and to help alleviate any stress of improving on the spot.
Plant boons
  1. Double potency
  2. +1 ch for 1d4 hours
  3. +1 resilience for 1d4 hours
  4. +1 power for 1d4 hours
  5. Immune to poison for 1d4 days
  6. Immune to disease for 1d4 days
Plant banes
  1. Blind for 1d4 days
  2. Poisoned for 1d4 dmg
  3. Half the effects of crafted item
  4. Sicken for 1d4 hours
  5. -1 resilience
  6. A need to itch for 1d8 rounds. Resilience DC 8 to resist.
Monster boons
  1. Cast an ability from the monster
  2. Sense of smell or hearing are improved for 1d4 hours
  3. Your scent keeps monsters at bay for 1d4 hours
  4. +1 to power
  5. Darkvision for 1d6 hours
  6. Durable (longer lasting. Like a health regen if in health potion. Longer antidote, more HP if an armor)
Monster banes
  1. You crave flesh
  2. -1 to ch
  3. A core ability of the creature consumes you (petrify, life drain, etc)
  4. Lower disposition
  5. Attracts predators
  6. Asdf
Ore boons
  1. +1 durability
  2. +1 to Po
  3. Hjgk
Ore banes
  1. -1 to durability
  2. Heavy
Capture devices
Each capture device has a limited amount of space for monsters to exist in. When capturing a monster you must make sure you have enough space available.
Each monster has a chaos stat that determines how much space it requires. Pack monsters don’t need much space as they get along well with others. Loner monsters require more space.
If you capture a creature that takes up more space than allowed you’ll need to make a capture check. This is your class's primary stat (Trainer = Resilience, Breeder = Charm, Researcher = Reason) vs. the creature's chaos stat. Both player and creature roll a d20 and add their associated stats.
If the player succeeds the monster is captured and will remain in the device for the rest of the day.
If the player fails the creature escapes the device and combat begins, provided the monster is still conscious. Regardless if they are in fighting form or not their bond will rise by one. If a second attempt is made and fails the bond rises by two. Continue this with each failed attempt.

Overland travel
GM comes up with four undesired situations and adds them to a random roll table. Next the GM has each player suggest one thing they’d like to happen and one thing they’d wish wouldn’t happen.
Now, with all the suggestions added to the random roll table, roll a die with that has faces equal to the amount of suggestions on the table. Each day and each night they are traveling.
Addition to this roll on the random encounter table for each day they travel outside of a town or city. On the first day roll a D4. On the second roll a D6. Third, a D8 and so on.
Advantage and disadvantage state what the monster is weak against or strong against. When a monster is attacking something it has advantage with two D20’s are rolled and the higher number is used. When against something with disadvantage two D20’s are rolled and instead the lower is used.
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I was on Prozac for a few years to help with OCD and anxiety. It helped but it slowly destroyed my sexual function. Now I literally can't feel orgasms and it's hard to maintain an erection. I was on bupropion (300mg) for a few months but it didn't help much, plus really screwed up my mood.
There was a period where I was off of Prozac for several months, but it didn't fix anything.
Honestly I'm angry. No one told me this would happen. It happened so slowly and subtly that I didn't even notice and I couldn't make the connection before it was too late. My psychiatrist didn't even care.
I've had my Prolactin levels checked twice (first time 9.6, second time 11.9 ng/mL). I'm still waiting back on my Testosterone results. I have to ask--is there any cure?
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I want this for me. No one else. I’ve tried to do this on my own for years and I don’t want to try it anymore. I’m here to have support.
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The Chargers were shafted by the refs
The Chargers played a sloppy game
Both of these statements can be and are true. I see a lot of people in the sub downvoting comments saying we didn’t play well. The refs cost us scores no doubt. Would we have won with better reffing? Yeah, probably. But that doesn’t excuse a missed field goal, lackluster playcalling down in the red zone, a pretty bad run defense, and over 100 yards of penalties.
It’s gonna take some time for everyone to be on the same page with what Staley wants to do and even longer until he gets all the guys he wants. Patience. This team is showing sustained flashes against solid to good NFL teams. That’s what’s important
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2021.09.20 04:21 DaCoolio (Ps4)W:Catarina Set H:Ask

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2021.09.20 04:21 Spiffyx_ Starting a Underground Cult In Peter Griffin Simulator

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2021.09.20 04:21 niftytidalz wcpgw for my first tattoo :)

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2021.09.20 04:21 doak561 Dynasty Superflex trade

Which side would you want. 10 team Superflex full ppr 6pt td league
View Poll
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2021.09.20 04:21 Equivalent_Alps_8321 Ahmad Massoud - Little Dark Age | Northern Alliance | Sher-e-Panjshir

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2021.09.20 04:21 auruslab Hi how are things! I have been looking for the measurements of the chassis of the Lamborghini Aventador for quite some time but I can only find photos that are not very useful to me. Does anyone know where I can get them? Greetings!

Hi how are things! I have been looking for the measurements of the chassis of the Lamborghini Aventador for quite some time but I can only find photos that are not very useful to me. Does anyone know where I can get them? Greetings! submitted by auruslab to lamborghini [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 04:21 Big-Cup3658 The sunsets and sunrises in Scotland are so bloody beautiful!

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2021.09.20 04:21 Invader_Dweeb Tales From the Xenoverse: Season 2 - Chapter 17 | A Soul Punishing Conclusion

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2021.09.20 04:21 Nicokeacola05 Fuck yeah I asked someone out and they said yes

I'm in my first relationship and I'm terrified but excited. No idea what to do now but they're also inexperienced and I don't know if that makes things easier or worse
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2021.09.20 04:21 Happy123boy You are allowed to troll one subreddit. Which subreddit do you choose and why?

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2021.09.20 04:21 pullups1025 need a major surgery

i have autism and special needs what's a hospital stay like at children's hospital my surgery will be done at children's hospital October 5th the surgery is too fix vpi the surgery is called pharyngeal flap its a 5 day stay too most likey i might need ivs oxygen mask and ng tubes as there's a liquid diet will beds have wetproof pads are pullups required or will they have them if needed will i be ok bringing tablet or stuffed animals should i wear pajamas will liquid versed in pre op are taste bad will mask in or room smell bad will they have video games will the food taste bad will rooms be scary i might need icu care will that be scary any advice or support helps
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