It's my cakeday so here's a anime meme

2021.09.20 04:04 to_fast_for_you It's my cakeday so here's a anime meme

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2021.09.20 04:04 highkastle Emma Matia

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2021.09.20 04:04 ExperimentalFruit PCPP estimates my build at 400W. What is it really?

PC PartPicker estimates my build to be 400 watts, how much will my PC really be drawing? What PSU will I need to satisfy this?
I will be gaming with a 3070 on one monitor @1440p144hz.
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2021.09.20 04:04 SumDarkPlace H: Cursed Rolling Pins 3*, Pail plans & outfits W: visit my vendor, offers

Just pulled 2 3* Cursed Rolling Pins out of MM pails. Anybody want to make me an offer before I scrip them?
Also got a few pail plans in my vendor, including fire bell, scorched tube, bed of nails.
Deathclaw hunter outfit and hat, Strongman outfit, Garrahan Foreman Helmet also in vendor.
Open to offers, message me.
Same name as here, camp on junk pile next to Pleasant Valley Station
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2021.09.20 04:04 TheTruth221 do u try to walk differently when u wear a new pair of jordans so u dont crease the shoes

be trying to walk like a duck so mine jordans dont get creased
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2021.09.20 04:04 BussyBitte 30F4M younger boypussy

Be 25 or younger, with minimal body hair and a slim build. Slim. I want to throw you across my room.
A cute face lets you skip the whole ass line.
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2021.09.20 04:04 GreenhornCode Listen to home router webpage

Part of the functionality of an application I'm working on requires listening for devices that are connected to the network. I can do this easily by repeatedly scraping the webpage, but that sounds pretty expensive.
Is there a way I am able to set up some sort of trigger when a device connects without scraping?
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2021.09.20 04:04 akyx17 Does anyone get sad thinking about the past?

I don’t know ANYTHING about my past lives. Literally nothing. Past life regression videos have never worked for me. All I know for sure is that I definitely have a lot of memories I have not yet uncovered. It’s this feeling like somethings on the tip of your tongue. Because if this, if I think about the past, and specific time periods and places, I get an overwhelmingly sad feeling. I know I’ll never be able to go back in time to that era or that place and it makes me upset. Has anyone else had this experience?
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2021.09.20 04:04 NewManOnTheMNVikings What is one thing you get excited about each season?

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2021.09.20 04:04 Ok_Log_4559 CHARLES 💎 Great Opportunity | Insane Potential | Huge Rewards | Doxed And Based Dev | Good Marketing in Bound 🎇

Hello Dear Investor💎
We want to present you a project with great potential that rewards its holders with crazy ADA reflections💸
Your investment will be supervised by a well-known team that prepares huge marketing: Charity Donations, Coingecko, Tranding CMS, Coisniper, Coinhunt, Fameous Influencers Tweets, CMC, CoinPaprika🚀
CHARLES Token is named after Charles Hoskinson. Great founder of Cardano.
Creator of CHARLES Token is well known team:, which also owns GULAS pool!👑
🖋Doxxed And Friendly Devs
🧳Based Team
💍Huge Rewards in ADA💸
👑Great Marketing In Bound
🎇Coingecko And CMC Listings Are Coming!
🐦 Major Influencers On Board
🔒 Liquidity Is Locked For 1 Year :
🖌Ownership Is Renounced:
total supply: 1,000,000,000
Trading tax: 10%
7% rewards
1% liquidity
1% marketing.
1% charity donations
slippage: 12%
Contract: 0x50cdf3f3c577e08fb531d63052fd5162edff01bc
Buy Link:
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2021.09.20 04:04 dcmldcml Is the song saved or not...??

I'm a Premium user. Earlier today I was trying to pull up a song I like that I hadn't listened to in a while, and it wasn't showing up anywhere in my saved music, even though I knew I've Liked it. Confused, I did a search for the artist and went to their page, and it said I had two of their songs saved - one of which being the song I was looking for. However, I opened the menu for the song and it gave me the option to "like" the song. To make it even more confusing, Spotify also showed that I had that song downloaded. However, the only thing I've ever told Spotify to download is my Liked Songs list. I'm angry that Spotify (seemingly??) deleted the song from my saved list, especially given the fact that it's still supposedly downloaded, because I have no way of playing it or getting it to come up when I'm playing music offline unless I happen to specifically search for the artist. I'm also really frustrated by the idea that there are probably lots more songs (I've been using Spotify for 7+ years at this point) that Spotify has done this with, far more than I could ever think of off the top of my head. How hard is it to expect that when I hit "shuffle liked songs", it'll be playing from a list of all the songs I've saved?
Has anyone had this issue as well? Is there anything that can be done about it? Is there any way to find out which/how many songs Spotify has decided I don't get to listen to anymore?
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2021.09.20 04:04 Guesswhatbro59 Ran out of gold no money any help appreciated!

Dm if you can help ill add ya on xbox too.
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2021.09.20 04:04 Its_me_WaterToast *I keep you warm*

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2021.09.20 04:04 WomanScorched Divorce in your 40s - tell me it gets better

Caught my husband in an affair days after an argument that allowed him to drop the D word. Not his first affair. He met her online and flew thousands of miles to hook up with her - he had booked the trip the week before our fight, so he was looking for a way out and took the fist chance he had.
Pretty sure he's an alcoholic at best and has a personality disorder at worst, but that's beside the point...
I've got to get out.
We have kids. I'm obviously devastated. My whole world has been tossed upside down for some fantasy world. He has no job, no real friends, and even his family is tired of his lies and behavior. But, he's fine. He's found someone that shows him the attention and love he didn't feel from me, and he acts like none of this bothers him. She lives across the country and is married herself, and works part time. It will never work but he's still thrilled. And here I am...heartbroken.
He's still planning on living in our home while he "figures it out".
How do you keep going?
I'm smart, decently attractive, moderately successful. I'm the breadwinner - I bought our beautiful home and keep it clean and inviting - and can definitely pay for it on my own. I've already been doing it. I've got great & supportive friends, awesome kids, an amazing career, healthy hobbies and none of the bad ones, and yet I feel like the loser.
Am I doomed to die an old spinster or a cat lady?
As he so very nicely put it, "...41 years old, twice divorced, with kids...who no one will want..."
Tell me he's wrong and that this gets easier, because this sucks.
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2021.09.20 04:04 ihategwynethpaltrow Microblading help

Y’all I recently had mricroblading done on my eyebrows and the tech told me I could wash them with a gentle cleanser. However everything I’ve read on the internet says not to get your eyebrows wet. Has anyone else been told they could get their eyebrows wet after this procedure? Or did I just waste my time and money? 🙄🙄 TIA
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2021.09.20 04:04 hornybimale56 I want to be a gay sexslave

I want to g a gay sex slave to any man or group of men. I will let you do anything to me or I will do anything to you to satisfy your sexual needs, desires,and sex fantasies
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2021.09.20 04:04 PsychologicalGap7231 my friends twitch hes funny

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2021.09.20 04:04 TheBestJesters I made the dark lord the BFDI announcer

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2021.09.20 04:04 Alpha3442 A bit of a stupid question.

I’m not sure, but does loot ever respawn? I’m in an offline world, and based out of Kazan. I’ve been wanting to travel back to my previous base in Moscow, but I’m not sure if I could find the materials to survive along the way.
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2021.09.20 04:04 MoMReviews96 Candyland quads does not dissapoint

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2021.09.20 04:04 StampyVelcer Still hurts

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2021.09.20 04:04 darkcosm0 If you live in America and hate school read this

What if we just like went on strike until they improve the school system. What’s stopping us?
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2021.09.20 04:04 YourJobIsNotWorthIt Hmm

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2021.09.20 04:04 TheSplendidFeminine Recent Graduate. No teaching license. Need help.

I graduated with my education degree in May. I passed all my required licensure tests. However, my uni did a horrible job setting us up with the resources to know how to get our license. I don't know where to start.
Here's where it gets extra complicated. I'm moving out of state in the next couple of months (for my husband's job). I don't know if I should get my OH teaching license or wait until I move to get my license. I don't where to start or who to ask. Pls help.
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2021.09.20 04:04 WrestlingWoman RK-Bro vs cats

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