[World] - Efforts drag on to free 17 missionaries kidnapped in Haiti | Pgh Post-Gazette

2021.10.20 17:45 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Efforts drag on to free 17 missionaries kidnapped in Haiti | Pgh Post-Gazette

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2021.10.20 17:45 Anxious_Cookie14 How long do I let him cry it out??

We have a 4 month-old puppy and he’s been with us for about a month so far. He was so good up until this week- didn’t whine or cry at all and was completely content to chill in his pen.
Now, he’s whining a lot more. His needs have all been met, and we’re pretty sure he’s just doing it for attention. My sister is here visiting this week and since she’s gotten here, he’s been whining a lot more than usual. So it could also be that she’s here and his home environment is a little different.
Regardless of what the reason is, if he keeps whining and crying and barking, how long do I let him go? We live in an apartment so it’s hard to let him do it for too long.
What we have tried:
Ignoring him.
Having everyone in the household go to another room so that he’s by himself.
Please help. It’s been 30 minutes.
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2021.10.20 17:45 wakawakaweewoo I broke no contact to try to get him back one last time..

So my ex boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago and I of course begged and pleaded for a few days (got ignored anyway) & I decided to go NC so that we can have some space to think about things. But during this 2 weeks I kept thinking of him 24/7, dreamt of him a few times and had hope that we will get back together, even though I kinda knew he doesn’t want to be with me anymore. So this hope I had was really killing me inside day by day, I decided I needed a proper closure so that I can start moving on and get over him faster.
He never contacted me in this 2 weeks of NC. Today I finally decided I was going to ask him one last time if he wanted to fix this relationship with me, told him I will change my bad behaviours and become better for him. But sadly he replied that he doesn’t want to continue this journey with me anymore… so I kinda got some form of closure and will try to let go and move on.
We both wished each other well… and I guess that was the end forever.. I hope I can get through this, it hurts so bad. I really love him but he doesn’t want to choose me, I think he no longer loves me anymore. :(
Stay strong everyone
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2021.10.20 17:45 Inevitable-Ocelot481 This tier list will probably make the most sense

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2021.10.20 17:45 Averageisgoodsizebae An interesting tits

Edit wow thanks for the gold 😊
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2021.10.20 17:45 Hi_Jacker Rivervalley Road East, reopened?

Has rivervalley road going east reopened yet? They barriers yesterday with a detour route.
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2021.10.20 17:45 Master-Traffic-8706 Help my boyfriend is confused

Hi... my first post here and... I'm possible a trans boy. I'm still trying to understand what I am. I'm from Brazil and i have a boyfriend, Male, cis, and heterosexual. We've been together for a year and three months, going to make four. and since before we started dating I already had questions about my gender.
I feel more comfortable identifying as non-binary, but with male pronouns. I like my body, I don't feel much dysphoria about it, but my pronouns and how people see me make me sick. He's willing to try to understand, but for him it's unusual and he's never had contact with things like that.

The biggest difficulty for him is to understand that even using male pronouns, my body has no masculine traits and I don't feel like changing that. neutral pronouns in the Portuguese language are not very practical, so I don't like to use them. And, well, I believe the biggest problem is in the hours when we have to see each other's bodies. For example, pool parties etc.
How can I make him understand my side? I understand that for him it is also difficult to lose his "girlfriend" but I want to try to make him understand. plz help :,)
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2021.10.20 17:45 Enarvyne I have a personality disorder - AMA!

Nothing is off limits!
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2021.10.20 17:45 principle_fbundle PsBattle: RAID (French police unit)

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2021.10.20 17:45 Elmertusk18 Obviously our kicker was the one losing us the games, I was over here blaming half the coaching staff and some offensive & defensive players. Gosh darn I'm dumb

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2021.10.20 17:45 run_drt_32 Allen Robinson and Jimmy Graham did not practice today

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2021.10.20 17:45 jcat7712 A Midweek Treat: chipotle-honey chicken tacos

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2021.10.20 17:45 TheBiggestMarvelFan Is this site trustworthy?

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2021.10.20 17:45 BelleAriel Amirite?

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2021.10.20 17:45 uncle_samok Kingdom Bug 2

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2021.10.20 17:45 Nanokarapet [N] Open Colloquium by Prof. Max Welling: "Is the next deep learning disruption in the physical sciences?"

[N] Open Colloquium by Prof. Max Welling:
We invite everyone to the online research colloquium by Max Welling from the University of Amsterdam. Participation is free.
When: 26 October, 16:20 (GMT+3 / Moscow time)
Title: Is the next deep learning disruption in the physical sciences?
Join: https://cs.hse.ru/en/announcements/516500821.html
A number of fields, most prominently speech, vision and NLP have been disrupted by deep learning technology. A natural question is: "which application areas will follow next?". My prediction is that the physical sciences will experience an unprecedented acceleration by combining the tools of simulation on HPC clusters with the tools of deep learning to improve and accelerate this process. Together, they form a virtuous cycle where simulations create data that feeds into deep learning models which in turn improves the simulations. In a way, this is like building a self-learning computational microscope for the physical sciences. In this talk I will illustrate this using two recent pieces of work from my lab: molecular simulation and PDE solving. In molecular simulation we try to predict molecular properties or digitally synthesize molecules with prescribed properties. We have built a number of equivariant graph neural networks to achieve this. Partial differential equations (PDEs) are the most used mathematical model in natural sciences to describe physical processes. Intriguingly, we find that PDE solvers can be learned from data using graph neural networks as well, which has the added benefit that we can learn a solver that can generalize across PDEs and different boundary conditions. Moreover, it may open the door to ab initio learning of PDEs directly from data.
About the speaker:
Prof. Dr. Max Welling is a research chair in Machine Learning at the University of Amsterdam and a Distinguished Scientist at MSR. He is a fellow at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) and the European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) where he also serves on the founding board. His previous appointments include VP at Qualcomm Technologies, professor at UC Irvine, postdoc at U. Toronto and UCL under supervision of prof. Geoffrey Hinton, and postdoc at Caltech under supervision of prof. Pietro Perona. He finished his PhD in theoretical high energy physics under supervision of Nobel laureate prof. Gerard ‘t Hooft.
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2021.10.20 17:45 _RMR Looking for mobile data visualization tips -- but without actually visualizing the data -- black interaction box showing a couple text examples (and more in comment's)....

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2021.10.20 17:45 XxswagmasteryoloxX Manchester United [3] - 2 Atalanta - Cristiano Ronaldo 81'

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2021.10.20 17:45 AnasuiBalls69 What are your thoughts on empaths?

I hate the majority of them. Mostly because they lurk on narc abuse pages, and also because they're annoying people. They also tend to guilt me for having little to no empathy, so that's something I despise about them too. I want to hear other people's thoughts about self proclaimed empaths.
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2021.10.20 17:45 spotify_curator710 Drippy Drug Music 420 playlist Good Music & Good Vibes - you got to Love It!!!

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2021.10.20 17:45 sodasound my crush has a bf i dont even care fuck her idc idc i simply just never even liekd her whatever i dont care

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2021.10.20 17:45 Resident-Plate7308 My (22M) girlfriend (23) of two years sees me as a friend.

Hi all, my relationship with my girlfriend is great majority of the time, we get on really well apart from some slight bickering. And also the fact that even though we sleep with each other almost every night we rarely get intimate- maybe 2/3 times a month since the summer. It’s something I’ve brought up before as I still have a drive but she gets angry that she now has to “change herself” for me , even though this was never a problem before the summer. We had a talk this evening and she confessed she sees this relationship like a friendship, and she sees me as more of a good friend than a lover. We both still love each other and put it down to maybe we’re spending too much time together, so we said we should sleep in our own houses more often for the next month and see how we feel then. I really love this girl - what can I do in the meantime to save this relationship? Can I ever recover from my girlfriend friendzoning me?
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2021.10.20 17:45 mushroom_id_help Dog ate mushrooms - Need help IDing

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2021.10.20 17:45 Keep_itSimple 60 days into t break - no life improvements on the whole

I stopped smoking after I realised that I wasn't getting anything from the high anymore; I was just doing it out of habit which scared me.
I hoped this break would clear up my mental fog, get my life a bit more on track and help me to enjoy being sober. I hoped to get to 3 months.
I think the mental fog has almost entirely cleared up, but 2 months in and I've been through intense cravings for excitement/dopamine around month 1 and now, for a few weeks, almost total anhedonia - I don't feel any emotions anymore. It's making me suicidal because I can't see the point in putting all this effort in to get through the day when I barely get anything out of it. I've been thinking about going back to smoking for 3 weeks because I feel that it could help me enjoy and feel things again. This is worse than a little bit of memory loss, surely?
But I'm worried that this is just a craving due to my brain still not being reset from the daily smoking before the t break. Maybe I'm just addicted and waiting to be able to smoke again before I bother trying to improve my life? If that's the case then maybe I should just get some weed to help me get my life back in order? But maybe then I'll smoke too much again.
I dont know if this post has a point. I just need to get my thoughts out and maybe someone will have some advice or encouragement.
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2021.10.20 17:45 brax1atel Neurodivergence as a superpower? | Mental illness and the pitfalls of representation

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